1. depuis le temps elle doit être décédé ont a cesser les recherche

  2. it has been over a year has there been any news .???

  3. it has been over a year has there been any news .??? I wonder what happened to her

  4. ma belle Shanghai tu na jamais été retrouvée et aujourd’hui tu est rendue dans un monde meilleur je regrette de ne pas t’avoir trouvée mais j’espère que tu est heureuse maintenant tu ne souffre plus et je souhaite que la vie te donnera meilleur que celle que tu a connue avec les humains repose en paix ma belle tu sera toujours dans mon cœur pour la vie je t’aime ma belle Shanghai pour la vie

  5. Is there any news on her?

  6. Please check SPCA website # 179282..Could this finally be Shanghai ?????? I so hope so !!!!!!

  7. Hi Rachel..I thought the same thing too when I read Manon’s post. I just think that she is very discouraged and emotional. I only pray that someone took her in. It’s a real mystery what happened to this dog. I still check sites on the internet daily in hopes of finding her. Wish all the lost dogs on this site have happy endings. It really makes my day.

  8. I did not understand Manon;s comments…………What happened to her??

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      It sounds very vague and difficult to confirm… I don’t quite understand either…

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        Just to confirm the information is false, Shanghai has not been found or confirmed dead.

        1. I am sorry for providing this misinformation! I found out so i posted right awsy … My apologies

          1. Author

            You’re not to blame, anyone would have thought the same thing!

  9. unfortnetly, just read that shanghai was finally found, dead. may shanghai rest in peace.

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      Oh no!! Where did you read this please, oh that’s soo tragic.

    2. That whole story is tragic.. where did you get the info from? Poor dog and how long was she dead and where did they find her?

  10. Il y a une femelle arrivée aujourd’hui 22 mars au BB: ef32296. Elle semble plus jeune et ça fait longtemps, mais qui sait.

  11. Manon…SVP voir la site Berger Blanc # EC31897 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I do not undrstand how she has manged to survive in the cold freezing weather no food nor water. It has been over one month!!!

  13. If anyone sees Shanghai.. please call Urgences Animale at 514-773-3911 with precise indication of where she is. They are equipped to deal with animals in difficult situations. If it is a credible sighting and the correct description in the wherabouts of NDG or Montreal West, they will send a patrol.

  14. Selon Jani, Shangaï aurait été vue le matin derrière le PFK rue Beaubien Carignan, est-ce que ses propriétaires ont été avertie, c’était hier le 3 février 2012.Micheline

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      On n’a pas vu Shanghai hier matin, on parlait du chien mâle qui a été attrapé.

  15. Shanghai was seen again on Sunday, Jan. 22nd on Park Row running westward on De Maisonneuve. A
    man chased her for 45 minutes including police and several cars tried circling her. She is obviously very scared of people. Not sure what kind of past she’s had, but it cannot be a happy one. As per police, she continued her route westward, so anyone who spots her in Montreal West and surroundings, should not try to run after her, but coax her gently with some cooked meat, get her close enough to grab her leash or throw a net over her. This is not a menacing dog, just really apprehensive and disoriented by her surroundings.

    1. Author

      Thanks so much for the update, how is she being so elusive!! Poor girl, she must be exhausted.

  16. Shanghai was seen again two weeks ago (Saturday, Jan. 14th around 2 pm) at the dog park on Sherbrooke and Park Row East. She was following a guy and his dog, but when he turned around, he noticed she was quite shy and apprehensive.. As he tried to approach her, she darted away on De Maisonneuve eastward from Park Row East… which corroborates another sighting near the Benny farm apts the same day (around Cavendish, between Sherbrooke and Monkland).. Two people have tried to get close to her but she keeps running away.. More fliers have gone up in the area, but no tangible clues have been received since then. Anyone living in that general area, please keep a look out

  17. Does anyone have any news on Shanghai? I am praying that someone has found her!

    1. Unfortunately, all clues have gone cold…There has not been any other significant sighting of this sweet shy dog… I just pray that wherever she is, she is not cold and hungry and that someone is at her side…

  18. Here is the latest on Shanghai..apparently she is still out there. She still has her red leash on !!!
    SHANGHAI was seen on Saturday on Cavendish and Sherbrooke around the Benny apartments, Sandra Maher tried to catch her but to no avail she kept running, there also was a city of Montreal truck trying to catch her… she still had her red leash on.
    She was seen around 3800’s Cavendish, and Sandra followed her a couple of streets down and then she ran back up towards Cavendish, so I think that whoever is going to search for her should look between Sherbrooke and Cavendish and around that circle….

  19. If someone does indeed have her it is a least re-assuring that hopefully she is taken care of and not in the cold. I guess we all need closure and peace of mind that she is safe. I will be checking facebook and petluck for further information. I pray the other dogs and cats lost and not accounted for will be as lucky especially in this weather. Just heart breaking to think how scared and cold they must be… just.tragic

  20. Hi Angela..I have been following this story on Facebook under SPCA and Petluck. There seems to be a lady that has found her and is keeping her. There is a whole story about how she brought her to a dog park in NDG..a little hard to follow. A whole search party went out this weekend to look for her and that is the info they got..Check out the SPCA page on Facebook. The woman who went looking for her is named Manon. She has been posting updates..She is french but tries her best to translate in english.
    I was thinking the same as you. Why has no one seen this dog…someone must be keeping her. I hope that if this woman does have her she is giving her lots of love. Thank god she is not outside by herself in this cold..

    1. Hi Donna and Athena,
      The lady who found her on December 27th brought her back to the NDG Park the same day since she had not received an immediate response from the SPCA… So frustrating that she could not hold on to her and just dumped her back there, really heartless!! Anyway, all this information has come out too late… a few of us went to the park yesterday to put up posters and talk to people.. but no one seems to have seen her, although they all said they would definitely keep an eye out for her… So many obstacles and bad luck has fallen upon this poor dog… its heartbreaking..

  21. This is such a sad story.. Apparently, she may still be in the whereabouts of NDG Park, on Sherbrooke (between Marcil and Girouard) but strange that there have not been any further sightings and an Animal Cleath Clinic being right near by… I dare not think what may happened if she was left to fend for herself without being fed and with this weather… Will try to go there tonite to see if any trace and inquire around and at the Clinic…

  22. I hae been following spca and praying. Thank you

  23. Athena… check Petluck and SPCA Montreal on Facebook. There is a girl going out tonight ..her name is Manon Pelchat and she is also going out during the week to look for her. She is looking for volunteers to help her. I went on Jan.1st on Jean Talon and Decarie..I thought she might have been hit by a car but I didn’t spot her. You will find more info about Shanghai on Facebook she updates everyday about hr search for her.

  24. Not sure this is the same dog, coloring and eyes look different, but someone should check…

    1. Moi non plus je n’étais pas sur !

      1. Et non je n’ai fais aucun appel encore, je viens tout juste de voir la photo !

        1. J’ai aviser la SPCA ..Ils vont vérifier, la dame m’a dit qu’il avait des ressemblances !!

          1. Merci Danielle! Jéspère que c’est elle!

  25. Danielle, sorry don’t understand “She was left outside the chenil” Did someone pick her up? I not did you notify the spca? Ecrivez en français. je comprendrai. merci.

    1. Allo Amy, cliquer sur le lien, un Berger Almand ( Fem – Agée ) ID: EF-31049, trouvé en dehors du chénil au BergerBlanc. 4 Déc. 2012

  26. I’ve share on Facebook but I hope you found her soon..

  27. any news yet?

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      I sent a note, as I haven’t heard any news, positive or negative…

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      I don’t have any details about how she was lost…

      1. Do you know if there is a team looking for her or just relying on sightings?

  28. Could that be her in the spca found page – 3rd dog down on the left? Found 29th

  29. Any more news on this poor girl ? Hope she is safe. Fingers crossed !

      1. tomorrow the streets should be calmer. if there is a team looking for her they may get lucky, she must be hungry looking for food.

  30. I hope they found her soon especially in this cold…..just heart breaking . Please keep us up to date

  31. Oh I hope they find her..so sad 🙁

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      I just received the location where she was last seen, it was at the corner of Décarie and Jean-Talon, and she was scared by all the cars.

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