1. Hi!
    I live in the same area and I just saw a cat that looked like him in my backyard. I fed him, but didn’t have the time to take a picture since he left before I could find the camera. But I did notice that he had a fluffy tail so it could be him. I can’t actually grab him though, since I have a cat at home. He left to the alley. I’ve been hearing a cat meowing for the past couple of nights so maybe it was him. I’ll try o take a picture next time I see it. ^_^

    1. Hi !

      Thank you for your message ! We hope it’s him ! It would be very nice of you if you could take picture.. Can you tell us between wich streets do you live ? We could go walk and check in this area sometimes… Thank you very much !!

      Émilie and Nico

      1. Hi!
        Sure! I live very close to you actually! I live on Marquette at the corner of L-O David. When he left he went to the alley between Marquette and Fabre. And I don’t know if it was him or not, but for a few nights I’ve been hearing a cat meowing in the backyard. If I hear the cat again tonight I’ll check if it’s him and try to call him by his name! ^_^ I sure hope it’s him! ^_^ Keep me posted if you find him!

        1. Hi ! First thank you very very much to check for us !!! We just went walking in this street and we checked in all backyards… We’re gonna keep doing that all week long and we’re gonna post a couple of photos of him in the neighbourhood ! Thank you again and we hope for a picture of him !

          Émilie et Nico

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