1. He is now officially adopted by me! He is a HE, and is older than we thought. His name is now Angus, and he is getting nice and plump! Thank you ”M the cat lover” for finding him. I can’t imagine our family without him!

    1. Author

      Congratulations Samantha, Angus is such a cute name!! 🙂 He’s adorable, glad he’s found you!

  2. Is he ok? Thanks for caring for him.

    1. Author

      Yes, what a sweetpea, he’s almost officially adopted 🙂

  3. Concernant chat noir perdu à Pincourt, il y en a plusieurs au Berger Blanc en ce moment.

  4. I found that beautiful kitty that fell in love with me. I found her right in front of the Dental Center on 1516 Rue Lapierre LaSalle, QC H8N 2R2, Canada on Jan 1st. Haven’t seen any posters. Peeps, watch out with those young cats, they have a habit of running out.

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