1. Il y a 2 chiens bergers allemands sur le site de la spca:

    Dossiers: 175125 + 175175

  2. Great news Deirdre..looks like you saved it’s life after all :). Let us know how it goes.
    If 5 is old I must be ancient..LOL !!!! What are they thinking there ???

  3. I spoke to BB today and they said they would hold her until Monday because someone is coming to look at her. I asked if she is not claimed can she be adopted and he said, “she is pretty old, she’s around five” – I said it didn’t matter that she is around five to please hold her. I have to call him back Monday and I know someone who will pull her if she is not claimed:)

  4. Deirdre you did your best..it might have been his dog. I think he was upset because he is frustrated. He seemed to really love his dog and he has no idea what happened to it. It really looks to have been picked up by a good samaritan or who knows. He believes someone stole it. Still no reason to be mean to someone who is trying to help. Please keep us updated on the BB dog. There have been so many strays this month and so many dogs lost dogs it’s crazy and very sad…I know we can’t save all of them but even if we save just one it’s all worth it. Take care and never give up trying to help 🙂

  5. Thank you for calling Donna. I sent pictures the pictures from the Kijiji ad to a German Shepherd rescue who had seen the dog at BB – they said the dog was not her – so that is a relief! She is trying to save the BB dog now but she lives out of town. Unfortunately, I don’t have my car this weekend so I can’t pick her up but I’m hoping someone can. I will let you know how it turns out! Thanks again Donna! I do not excuse his behaviour though, even if he is heartbroken there was no need to speak to me like that – he was rude and angry, and all I was trying to do was help them find their dog. I honestly thought she was a match, particularly with the two right ears! Grrrr!

  6. Hi Deirdre.. I speak french so I just called and spoke to Leo. You will notice to on Jan.10th I also sent him an email about this dog. He told me that his wife has checked every night since October the website for Berger Blanc and he is 100 percent it is not his. He says he has gone to check and it breaks his heart everytime. He said alot of dogs look the same but this is not his dog. He won’t even go and check anymore…very sad situation. He thinks someone stole his dog and he said his heart is breaking. I really didn’t know what to say. I even told him that you would pick it up for him but he is so positive it is not his. Poor little dog…imagine if it really is his ??? Well at least we tried. Feeling really sad now….

  7. UMMM! Not sure what to say! I spoke to the man who owned her, he was extremely rude, said he’s been there twice and it’s too far, she’s not on the site which I explained her picture had been taken down from the stray section but that I spoke to BB and they will keep her for a short time, he then said half of them have two right ears. I said she is there they will hold her, don’t you want to look and he said “NO”. I then said they are going to kill her and he said, “fine kill her then!”

    Maybe it’s a language thing? If someone would like to call who speaks French properly it might help, I’m hoping he just didn’t understand me????!!! I’m 95% sure it’s her, I remember her face perfectly. There were a lot of dogs barking in the background – maybe he’s a backyard breeder and in that case she didn’t have a good life anyway:( I’m at a loss:(((

  8. I saw your dog at Berger Blanc!!!!! Her picture was taken down from the stray section and she is to be euthenized – I called them and told them to keep her until you call them. You must call immediately. You must also bring a picture and any medical book or registration you have to prove she is your dog. If you can’t get there by tomorrow – let us know, maybe I can pick her up for you. I left you 2 phone messages and emails!!!!!!
    9825 Henri-Bourassa est,
    Montréal, Qc
    H1C 1G5
    tél: 514.494.2002
    fax: 514.494.3180
    e-mail: info[at] bergerblanc[dot] com

  9. Avez vous pensé de vérifier du côté de la spca de Granby ou celle de Ste-Angèle Quand je restais à St-Césaire,ma Golden a suivi des gens et une bonne dame l’a ramassé et amené chez elle a St-Paul et était sur le point de l’apporter à Granby mais ils ont vu notre affiche au Sonic.N’oubliez pas de vérifiez plus loin que St-Césaire.Bonne Chance

  10. Est-ce que la description de cette camionnette a été donnée à la police, afin d’essayer de la localiser, peut-être fait-il du “bénévolat” payant, pour certains refuges Micheline

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