1. Avez-vous retrouvé votre chat Sharawak, Micheline

  2. there is a cat similar to this one, looking very skinny and dirty paws, he appeared in our alley the beginning on january on st-andre between marianne et mt-royal..
    my two neighbours are feeding him and we are trying to rescue him. i will send you a message w picture once we catch him.

    1. Author

      Hi Brenny,

      Message from Marc, for some reason the reply option didn’t work for him. Is the cat still there? Thanks so much for looking out for him!

      Hi Brenny,
      thank you very much for your efforts. I hope it is the cat I am looking for. You can always reach me by phone at 514-528-1393. I can come and get him anytime with the cat cage. Even though I am unemployed right now (recent accident) be assured that I will at least reimburse you and your neighbours for any expense for food that you have incurred.

      His real address is on BrÈbeuf, just north of Marie-Anne. I live in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve and this is where I was keeping him while my friends (on BrÈbeuf) are on vacation in South America. They are due to return in early April.

      Feel free to contact me if you have any news.

      Thanks again.

      Marc Galipeau
      hockeykong[at] yahoo[dot] ca

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