1. Thanks so much Melanie! We were hopeful it may be him, but Berger Blanc said it is not our army collar (with our phone number on it) and he was found in Hochelaga Maisoneuve, that’s quite far from us. He looks identical. We are tempted to go see him anyway, maybe could adopt him?!?! We really don’t need a 4th cat though!!! Thx again!

      1. Author

        You should check anyways, maybe someone picked him up and relost him. For your own peace of mind, I’d go.

    2. bonjour,
      il y a un chat comme le vôtre trouvé à ville – Émard quelqu’un le nourrit ils ne donnent pas de nom de rue, mais son nom est Annie, elle annonce au tout début dans les premières annonce de petluck,,
      bonne chance
      Syvie Doyon

      1. C’est une femelle! et celui que vous recherchez dans le secteur de pointe-saint-charles est un mâle. Dsl pour la fausse joie.

  1. L’annonce no. 347236271 sur kijiji recherche ce chat!

    1. Author

      Merci France, malheureusement c’est un autre annonce pour ce chat trouvé…

    2. Allo France, l’annonce donc tu parles à été placer par les gens qui on trouvé le chat, en bref c’est le même que celui de Petluck.

  2. Sur le site kijiji l’annonce no 347236271 est écrit en anglais mais je pense qu’il recherche ce chat.

  3. Raquel,

    You are so sweet! We are just happy he is off the street in this cold weather. We will keep you posted…

    For now he seems happy as he keeps whipping his tale non stop!!!

    Thank you for your interest, he deserves a good home. He is so mild and would be fine around kids.


  4. Hello, I just wanted to say I work down that street and have been seeing this cat for months! I wanted to catch him to try and help him but couldn’t so a huge thank you!!! I’ve been thinking about him so much. If the lady cannot keep him let me know I will try to find him a foster!! Thank you so much!!

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