1. Tu as raison Elisabeth, as-tu envoyer un E-Mail, elle lui ressemble !!

      1. Oui, j’ai envoyé un courriel, mais sans réponse à date.
        Comme il n’y a pas de numéro de téléphone, j’espère que la personne verra mon message à temps…

        1. I can’t read French. So I am not sure what is being said. I have checked the link and I don’t think it is Zoey. The strip on her head is too big. This dog looks brindle although it could be dirty. The white on its paws is different too. However I will try to forward the picture to Zoey’s owner. My contact with the owner is through the breeder and she is currently not able to access the Internet for two weeks.

          1. Thank you Joelle, the one’s who know Zoey, are the best to identifie her .. to bad you cant link directely to the owners, but if you have the info on the tattoo on her ear … since she’s at the BB, cant wast any time !!

          2. You understood right 🙂 She should take a look at the picture, just in case…
            Good luck!

            1. I am calling to get them to check for a tatoo

              1. I called the dog was claimed.

                1. :S Ok, well, We’ll keep an eye open for her.

                2. Thank you for the alert though.

  1. Go to this address, you’ll see all the pictures.


    You can call the number at the bottom of the page for more informations about the animal, but the best, if you think it might be her, is to go directly there.

    Good luck.

    1. The file number is below each photo.

  2. SPCA: Dossier 174926???

    1. Where can I find the info for 174926?

      1. this is not her.. THANKS for sharing.

          1. I know.. 🙁 She has a docked tail.

  3. Son Boxer est facilement reconnaissable avec sa machoire très avancée.

  4. Ce n est pas Zoey au berger blanc?
    Date d’arrivée: 01/02/2012
    Type d’animal: Chien
    Race: Boxer croisé
    Age: Femelle Jeune
    Notre dossier: mc 3166

    1. Have you picked up a young boxer?What does Ce n est pas Zoey au berger blanc? translate to.. can anyone help?
      Zoey isn’t a boxer cross she is purebred.

  5. Also call the vets in the area, they can identify the owner through the tattoo but if the owner is in hospital would not be able to get in touch with them, sometimes people find lost dogs and bring them to a vet to see if they have a tattoo or are micro chipped.

  6. Hi i hope they find their dog. should do up flyers and post them in all businesses in the area and surrounding areas that are busy. Also can go on talk shows on the radio if they have them there to let people know about Zoey being missing. put the ad on every classified you can find on the internet for your area and on facebook, contact the shelters in the area to see if Zoey was picked up by anyone.

  7. Cette histoire me touche beaucoup et j’aimerais aider. J’ai beaucoup d’amis Facebook qui empruntent cette autoroute en plus d’avoir de la famille à Sherbrooke. J’imagine que Zoey en a profité pour filer au moment de l’accident aussi j’aimerais connaître à quelle hauteur de l’autoroute (la 10, je suppose) s’est produit l’accident.
    Prompt rétablissement au maître et bonne chance dans vos recherches.

    1. thank you so much. We are working on getting some more information from the owners once they arrive home in NL. Thank you so much

  8. Cette histoire me fait penser à celle du Pitt. “Badboy”, et que le retrouvaille avait été compliqué mais tout de même heureuse, j’espère que ce petit aura la même chance et que son propriétaire se remet bien de son accident.

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