1. There is a Rottweiller at the SPCA..you never know !!

  2. Just read the E-Mail from the owner, they went to the BergerBlanc this morning ..and sadly…It was not Shela ! 🙁

    1. La rottweiler du B.B n’était pas Shela ! La propriétaire c’était rendu ce matin. 🙁

      BTW, Petluck ..I dont see any rottweiler on the adoption page, wonder what happened to Her !!! Poor girl 🙁

  3. Hey Danielle, is she going to check today if it’s her dog ??

  4. The picture was taken off B.B board… !!

      1. The last e-mail I got from her was tonight, the B.B was informed that she would be there friday am, I send her E-mail about the Pic. just incase…But I noticed on there page there was the Rott (29-01) and beside it was a black lab. (28-01) and he still there, I hope it’s that they had no more space on there page and decided to take the Rott. off since she was called in. It’s freekin me out !!!

        1. Author

          Their page shouldn’t have a limit for the amount of strays. I know with another dog I listed, they tried to put him in the adoption section as the dog had been their for the required period and they wanted the fee. I don’t know if that’s their game… It’s stressful for sure!

          1. She’s not in the adoption section !

            1. Hi ! Petluck .. The owner called last night the BB, the dog is still safe !!!! There wating, and if it’s not Shela, she goes up for adoption ! Ouffffff …

              1. Author

                I hope they’ll get there today, will be anxiously waiting for news!

  5. I read on the Petluck facebook page that the owner lives far away but she is going to Berger Blanc tomorrow…I hope it’s Shela..I keep looking at the pictures and they look so much alike !!! Wishing for a happy ending 🙂

  6. I hope we hear back soon…I also sent her emails. I really hope it’s Shela…fingers crossed !

  7. Petluck..do you have any phone # or email for this person ? I have tried to press the envelope that says contact but nothing happens.

    1. Author

      Hi Donna, no phone number, I’ll fix the email link, don’t know why it does that sometimes. I emailed the owner this morning about the Rotti at Berger Blanc, haven’t heard back yet…

      1. Author

        2 emails sent to owner regarding Rotti at BB, no reply… 🙁 🙁

          1. # 1-418-221-7880

            1. OMG .. She realy think’s it my be Shela .. I told her I whould leave a note on Petluck,and she must send you an E-Mail pronto, To CALL RIGHT AWAY the Berger Blanc, and that plenty of poeple could help her if this dog is Shela. I gave her my phone no. The no. Her name is Mimi , the phone no. on the poste above is hers. I asked her to keep us posted on avery developement.

              1. Author

                Thanks Danielle! I really hope it’s her but also that she’ll get to them on time! Thanks for calling, I’ve been trying to reach her for days!

                1. Author

                  People should always leave me a phone number in case. The same thing happened with Modjo, I tried to reach her for days, before finally finding their number.

                2. No prob. I had seen her poste on Kijiji, so I went looking .. I was happy to see her phone no. on that add., cant wait to see if it’s her, and how she manage to end up in Mtl.

                  1. Author

                    Still no email, I hope it’s her, we’ll see.

                  2. She called the b+b same description, she want to pick her up tomorow.

  8. There is an adult female at the Berger Blanc..please check the website ! Good luck

  9. dans quel coin Mtl?, région? il faut inscrire l’endroit pour aider à débuter les recherches. regardez spca mtl et berger blanc il me semble il y a quelques semaines il y avait un chien comme le votre, mais l’annonce n’est plus la maintenant,
    merci et bonne chance
    Sylvie Doyon

    1. Author

      C’est la raison pour laquelle j’ai mis région à confirmer!

      1. Author

        Perdu de la Rue Saint Jean, Saint-Benoît-Labre, QC G0M 1P0 !

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