1. p.s. Koffi… not Kobbi

  2. OWNER FOUND IN SPAIN!!!! Very happy to tell you that Koffi will be going back to the family of his owner tomorrow morning. Kobbi has been missing since September! Last night I remembered seeing a poster months ago down the street, and decided to see if it was still there. Well, it was, covered in frost, and not too readable but with a kitty that looked like the one I’d found and a Montreal cell number. After 4 attempts, a European ring tone, and various discouraging messages from the telephone company in Spain, a woman answered. I sent her pictures by email and I think she was shocked and overjoyed to find her cat. Owner and kitty had a skype session tonight :):):) and owner’s family will be picking up Koffi and caring for him till she comes back to Montreal in May! SO HAPPY THIS STORY HAD A GOOD ENDING!!! He is a total love bug!!!

    1. Author

      Awwww how awesome is that?? How long had he been lost for? Congrats Amy, what an amazing outcome!! 🙂

      1. Author

        Copying your reply here, just amazing!

        Missing since mid-September. All along his was stuck on the other side of St-Urbain and Villeneuve from where his owner lives. He probably tried to go back at some point and she was no longer there, who knows. Really a miracle, so happy because he is adorable and sooooo affectionate. Loves to be held, and put his paw on your face. He was pathetic the night I found him, crying his heart out. Standing on a block of ice, and so, so starving.

      2. WoW !! 🙂

  3. This cat is much thinner than he appears in the pictures, and eats like a cat that is starving. If he is not claimed soon he will be going into a good rescue.

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