1. I don’t know how old this dog is but could it be pitbull no. mf 62223 at BB in the adoption section online?

  2. There is one today at the SPCA # 175652..Good luck !

  3. I heard that the owner, is going to the BB today to check all of the dogs (pitt), it’s seems that last thursday the went to check (EF 31945) and the BB showed them another younger dog !!! hope the will find him there.

    1. mise a jour .. pas de match au BB. (lundi 5 mars)

  4. Hi Danielle..there are 2 at BB..hope they checked them both out !

      1. I had called her earlier about a dog found in Laval, and had called the person who found, but not a match !!

  5. I’m pretty sure this dog was lost in Laval (H7W 5J4) near Aut. 13/ Boul. Ntre. Dame. I had communicated with the owners, so the could post on Petluck, and to report a Pitt that was at the B&B that looked like there’s, the went but it wasn’t him ! I’m happy to see they send there add in.

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