1. I have notice a black cat in my backyard since about the 2nd wk of may. He come and eat on my balcony almost everyday because I FEED another cat that live underneath my balcony HE HAS a white spot underneath his lower part of his neck which cannot be seen when he walk, also another one underneath his belly near his two rear leg very slim yellow eyes 4 leg with his nails try today to give him temptation when I shake the bag came to me try to call him kamellot only once he stop but continu his walk I cannot whistle. I have some photos of the cat, which I can email you if you give me your email address..

    1. Author

      Thanks for the information! The email is on the post if you would like to contact the owner directly, it’s rox.6[at]hotmail.com

    2. Dans quel secteur demerez vous ? s.vp. téléphonez moi 514-576-2193

    1. Merci de votre message mais j’avais vérifier et ce n’est pas lui.

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