1. so sorry for your loss………

  2. Trop triste 🙁

  3. No words…this is so very sad…

  4. Hi Sylvie..she did go and she said it wasn’t her dog…

    1. I had also got an E-mail from her friday night in response to the one I had send to her about that same dog, she said her husbund went to the SPCA, and sadly it was not Virgule.

  5. Well me i would go there i would’t take theirs word’s,, go and cherck by yourself,,Please

  6. I called her cause they had one at the SPCA identical to hers but unfortunately she went and it’s not a match 🙁

    1. Author

      Thanks Donna,

      I had sent her a note about him, thanks for the heads up 🙁

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