1. Hi Kathy,
    Thank you very much for your response. I already have two cats boy and girl, both were strays, we took in several years ago. This orange one from your back yard reminds us of our late male cat who died peacefully at home of old age 3 years ago and we still miss him a lot. My younger male cat still remembers him and misses him too. He tries to play with the girl the same way the boys used to play together but she is not interested. In the case if the orange from your back yard belongs to somebody and just roaming around, he should not be displaced.I know from my own experience how painful it is to loose your beloved cat. Otherwise, we would gladly take him in. Please, let me know about any new developments.

    1. Hi Elena,

      Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on the cat. If it looks stray, we’ll definitely call you. I’m sure it’s difficult coping with a loss. I have cats and dogs and they are like my babies. I can’t imagine something happening to them. I will keep you posted on the status of the cat.

  2. Hi Saw this kitty last night and this morning. Last night it was in front of my house by the neighbours and wasnt sure if it was lost or belonged to someone.
    This morning I saw it in my back yard digging a spot to do his needs. I went out with some kitty treats, since I have cats. But it got scared and ran away! Poor kitty, I hope someone catches it and gives it a loving home!

    1. Please, let me know, if you will be able to catch him. I will come and pick him up right away. According to the picture that you had posted last March, he was looking pretty good, clean and not thin. How he is doing now? May be , he really belongs to somebody from your area.

      1. Hi Elena,

        The cat looked exactly like in the photo as he did in march. I didn’t post that photo but happend to find it by searching online to see if someone had posted a lost cat. He did not look skinny or dirty when I saw him last night and this morning. I left some food and water out for him and will check in the morning if he came around. Not sure anymore if it is lost, or belongs to someone who lets it out. I’ll keep you posted if I see it again and will check its condition.

      2. Hi Elena,

        I saw the cat two days ago and this morning in my backyard. It comes everyday to eat the cat food that I leave him. Everytime I try to get out to see him, it runs away. So I am not able to really see what condition he is in (if he is lost or belongs to someone). I’m sure eventually I’ll be able to get a closer look, since he is always around now. If he is lost, my husband said he will try to catch him for you. He knows how to put up a trap to capture it.
        In case you really want a cat, my mother in law has lots of stray cats and kittens in her back yard. She feeds them everyday, and there are new kittens every few months.

  3. I forgot one last digit of my phone. Correct number is:514-426-6691

    1. I was unable to bring him in the house because my cat would fight with him. I have not seen him since yesterday. I will let you know if he comes back.

  4. If he won’t be claimed by the owner and you are not able to keep him, my family is interested in adopting him. In that case, please, give me a call. 514-426-669. Elena

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