1. We received a possible sighting by Amelie (thank you) of Ti-mine in the alleyways of Henri julien-drolet, jarry and Gounod. I went to check out but didnt see any cat that looked like her, i will try again later. If anyone is in the area and sees her or a lookalike let me know because if it’s her she is not far from home! Thanks, Merci

  2. http://catsinthebag.org/

    …call her at night, very loud, during 5 min. each 20 min. (during 2h) from the moment the sun in completely
    down (when it’s quiet outside) … Do it at least during 2 weeks !! You know what, it works ! I cannot
    find the link to all the explanations but maybe Petluck got it ???

    Put her dirty litter around you house so she can be reoriented, or any kind of sheet she has
    sleep on it…

    Don’t forget to go to the SPCA and Berger Blanc…

    Good luck… I know how you feel…


  3. Still no sign of ti- mine! 🙁

  4. Merci Philippe, c’est n’est pas ti-mine, j’ai appelé et c’est un mâle. Ca m’a quand même donné un peu d’espoir……..Merci encore.

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