1. Oh, just realized it’s a male. looks just like my tabby cat Ginnie (female) who is now missing for the last 36 hours around Cumberland near Fielding. Pls keep an eye out for her. She has quite a distinct black stripe down her back, she has her claws and a microchip.
    Back to this cat…..I’ve seen it around too and I think someone has abandoned it the poor thing. It’s a beauty and is such a shame your friend can’t keep him…unfortunately I can’t either but perhaps the SPCA is the best place?? No, with your friend is the best place.
    Thanks for posting on this site and for your kindness for that poor cat.

    1. Author

      Ginnie’s not posted on Petluck? It might be easier to keep an eye out if she was posted!

      1. yes she is posted, i did put her pic on your site. still missing, still heartbroken. have answered many replies to my posters but no luck. we live on cumberland, it should still be there.

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