1. Au BB,arrive le 15 octobre,peut-être Molly?

    1. somebody should call. because it does look like it could be her. the dog looks like its ben threw a lot, therefore could have been on the streets a while.

  2. Any news Danielle.. They have this dog listed as a cat at Berger Blanc !!

    1. Donna it’s not Molly, I called the owner .. 🙁

    1. Called the owner, not Molly .. 🙂

  3. This add just came out, same area as Molly. It say’s Bichon but we never know. kijiji ..

    1. Code de l’annonce 370691966

  4. I called the owner .. Molly was lost on Boul. des Grandes Prairies, St-Léonard… (5550 Boul.des GrandesPrairies) ( H1R 1B5)

      1. It’s been almost a week … 🙁

  5. Vous êtes de quel endroit?

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