1. thanks for the update, please post when something happens for him, or let me know and i will get him some help. good luck.

    1. Author

      Just received word that he’s found his family! Thanks for the offer of help 🙂

  2. Any news yet on this little guy? Please contact me if you would like help to get him to a good home. Call me on 514 501-2170. Bless him – and you! Andromeda

    1. Author

      The owner is still not found, he is staying with the person who found him while they continue looking. Thanks!

  3. recenly a small maltease went missing from an adoptive home, near Jean Talon, and was adopted through Animatch adotion. The photos they posted show a dog with much less hair, but it could be the same dog? As hair grows back so quickly?

  4. Maybe it has a microchip. Take him to a vet or an SPCA and have him scanned.

  5. This dog is adorable. If no owner is found, contact me and I will arrange for a top quality rescue for him. I will either keep him myself or find a GREAT home for him. Please don’t let him go anywhere questionable. No shelters, no people who are not well qualified to do the best for him. Contact me and I will make arrangementsfor him, please. Thank you.

  6. Petluck – not sure if the poster gets comment notifications but can you let them know I am offering some food if they need any. We are in BB territory so dont want him to end up there.

    1. Maybe you just should call them, in case they don’t check often on the internet.
      Some people just use Petluck (or any other similar website for lost&found) in order to place an ad.

      I do also hope this dog will find his home soon. 🙂

      1. I think Petluck has messaged the finder to let them know. I checked around for any missing posters in the area but there is nothing as of yet.

        1. Author

          I did indeed pass the message on! (I can’t always, but I let Justine know that I had in this case)

  7. What is with the animals around here off leash? I live 2 blocks from you – if you need any help with this dog let me know. Are you hanging on to him until you find his owners? I have dog food if you need some.

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