1. Good for you Tonia for volunteering. I just think that this animal should be given the visibility of being put somewhere where people know to where to look…like SPCA. I personally spoke to Kelley the person who found the beagle. This person did the right thing and tried her best. Wish there were more around like her.
    Anyway I hope this poor thing is found.

  2. Tonia Aniamtch did contact the person who found the beagle and they were willing to take it. The person who found it decided to take it to the SPCA. Animatch is NOT a shelter. They give abused and neglected or dumped animals a second chance at life. We don’t know what happened to this dog but if he is brought to the SPCA he has a better chance. i once brought a dog to the SPCA and told them if the dog was to be put down to call me and I would find a home for it. A week later they called me and I went and got it and found it a home. I think you should get your facts straight before posting irresponsible posts about Animatch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Author

      No one has said anything whatsoever bad about Animatch, Donna. That was me answering with just the facts, yes they did call, and did say they would take the dog, but then after that she couldn’t reach them. That’s all, Animatch is a volunteer rescue, they did their best, it didn’t work. I just didn’t want the person who found the dog blamed either.

    2. my facts are very straight and i never once posted “irresponsibly” that Animatch is a shelter. i know fully well that they’re not a shelter – i’m there every week volunteering.

  3. Tonia I adopted my dog from Animatch. She was surrendered there. This dog was found yesterday..I think it would be fair to give the people who have lost it a chance to get it back. People who have lost a dog usually check Berger Blanc and SPCA. I think you should give it more than a day before you put a dog up for adoption. Not fair to the owners or the animal.

    1. Donna, i completely agree. i only suggested Animatch if this person wasn’t going to keep it and would bring it instead to the SPCA or berger blanc where it would be put down if no owner was found.

      2 weeks ago someone found a beagle, posted it on this site and in less than 24 hours it was brought to the SPCA even though they had left a message with Animatch to surrender the dog. Animatch didn’t even have a chance to return the call even though they were willing to take it – it had already been left at the SPCA and god knows what happened to that poor thing 🙁

      1. Author

        That person tried in vain to reach Animatch by all means possible, but couldn’t get a hold of anyone, and wasn’t able to wait.

        1. the only way to reach Animatch is by phone and it’s too bad they couldn’t wait. i know animatch called the very next morning for that beagle.

          1. Author

            She tried, by phone, and also left a message on facebook, found a ride, but no one called back. I still hope he’ll be okay. He was very sweet and highly adoptable, and is still on the strays page.

  4. If you don’t plan on keeping it, please considering filling in a surrender form at http://www.animatch.ca. they might be willing to take it.

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