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      I don’t know what happened in the end. I had emailed at the time and there was no reply.

  1. Hi
    I live in the Parc Nature du Cap-st-jacques, and your dog seems to be hanging around our house, we give them a little food from our dog, but she don’t want to be approach, she is always running away.
    Does she have a pink collar?

    You can contact me at 514-626-1741 or my email stephanie_theoret[at] hotmail[dot] com

    1. Hi Stephanie, have you called them ?? Just incase I left them a phone message with your # .. If you could try to give them a call ! Hope Kiki get’s found soon.

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        Danielle, did she call you back?? I haven’t heard anything!

        1. I tried an hour ago, still no anwser …. I’ll try again !!

          1. Ok .. Just talked to the owner, she had just arrived home, she was at Stephanie’s house today looking for Kiki, she did not find her, she left some food, and she will put a blanket and some stuff from home to help keep Kiki in that area. I asked her to call me or post on Petluck any developments …

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              Thank you!!!! Finally some news! I hope they can find her!

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      I emailed right away last night, but I believe they aren’t getting their messages, best to call! Thanks Stephanie, and thanks Danielle for following up with a phone call!

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