1. We have been traveling from Alberta. We stayed at a condo in Amherst. Our dogs were at a kennel and when the lady dropped the dogs off we noticed that Sunny went missing. We scouted the neighborhood and couldn’t find her. We were supposed to be in Newfoundland by the 9th. Instead we stayed in Montreal waiting to hear something about our puppy. She must be stressed. I am very happy. I will have our friend Vanessa call you to make arrangements and come and get her as we can not back to Montreal right away.
    Thank you for posting her we walked and walked went to so many places trying to locate her, nice to know she is safe..
    Here is our cell number 1-403-919-3089 Donna

  2. Salut,

    J’ai trouvé votre chienne… Ellle va bien. Vous lui manquer aussi beaucoup…


    1. Super .. 🙂

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