1. SUCCÈS! Le fugitif a été pris! Sain et sauf à la maison! Merci à Petluck.ca et à Robert! :)))

    SUCCESS! The fugitif has been found! He is safe and sound at home! Many thanks to Petluck.ca and to Robert! :)))

    1. Author

      Fantastic news!! 🙂 🙂 I hope the issues with the allergies will be resolved too, good luck!

  2. Confirming it is a match! But, the cat run away as my friend was trying to grab him where he was, under Robert’s care. The cat is currently hiding under a shed, probably the place he was hiding all this time. A neighbor will keep us updated. I am sure, with some food and other enticements, he will come out. Will know more later tonight. Hoping he will not run away further away.

    I’m in Montreal, and my friend was taking care of my cat in Laval when he run away. He was under his care since mid April, because I needed to be quarantined from my cat in order to see if my constant throat infections had to do with allergies. And after waiting for 3 months, my appointment with the allergist is this week. And somehow, my symptoms have subsided. So you can imagine how I feel loosing him like that.

    Thank you all, and I will give an update tonight.



    1. Author

      Locating him is half the battle, Be sure to coax him out gently or else he might spook and run further away.

      Sorry about your allergic problems, were you by chance using clumping litter? If so perhaps that might have been the problem? just a thought! I hope you’ll find the solution to that too!

      1. With my previous cat, yes, and I also thought about it too, being the clumping litter (Saular). (and I have developed this one year before his death).

        Then I got this cat last October, and before having him, I did some research, and we started using corn-based natural kitty litter.
        We were using this one: http://www.armandhammer.com/pet-care/cat-care/Products/arm-and-hammer-essentials-natural-clumping-litter.aspx
        It quite efficient, absorbs the liquids well, and non-toxic for the cat. Also, better price deal compared to the other clumping litters.

        – Karina

  3. Hello, I am sorry for having my cell turned off. I did not exptected such a quick response.
    I want to call you right now, but it is 4:00 am.
    I will contact you later this morning, around 8:00 am. I have your phone number.

    Thank you! You have given me hope!

    Best regards,


    1. Author

      Please let us know if it’s a match. Fingers crossed!

  4. Hi i found ur cat i called but phone is off, ill keep it safe until u call

    1. Author

      HI Robert, thanks so much for checking in and getting Sentai home ! 🙂

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