1. Done! I did not realize I could email her. Sorry, would not have asked you to do so if I knew I could 🙂

  2. On our door*, sorry, dogs on my mind!

    1. Author

      On your dog would have been a really creative approach! 🙂

      She didn’t want to specify exactly where, as she said that her cat could have gotten far away. Perhaps you could email her, she would surely appreciate the help!

  3. This woman is still searching for her cat. 🙁 We had a poster on our dog this morning. Please keep your eyes out in Rosemont.

    Petluck, is there anyway you could get the exact location of where the cat went missing from? I noticed the posters for blocks and blocks so the owner did a great job and covered a lot of ground. I hope she comes home.

  4. Est-ce que cette femelle au Berger Blanc pourrait être la votre ?

    Date d’arrivée: 12/06/2012

    Type d’animal: Chat
    Race: Domestique
    Age: Femelle Adulte
    Notre dossier: mf63359

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