1. Great news Victor, thanks for letting everyone know! I have not seen the little one I described to you in a couple days… who knows?

  2. OK, she’s back!… somehow, like a total boss, she was meowing outside my door this morning. Thanks for all the help everyone! You can take down this ad now if you want. 🙂

    1. Author

      Good girl Ducky!! Great news, thanks for letting us know!

  3. Thanks Andrea and Brobert, checking that out now!

  4. Hi,
    I have seen a cat meeting that description on the berger blanc website. The cat was found June6 2012, but it does not say from where she was found. Look at dossier ec 34213.

  5. voir sur site du berger blanc: il y a en a une qui ressemble, arrivée hier

  6. Wow Amy, it sounds just like her!! I will definitely be going to check it out. You can definitely call me at 514 715 3643 if you see her around again. Thanks so much!!

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a better pic – she was the cat of my friend’s who were visiting town briefly and she got away from them… so I only have this one picture I took while she was here. THank you so much for your message, it gives me a place to search now. Best,


  7. p.s. It is hard to see the markings on her pic – do you have another one? Or can you describe any specific markings? Thx…

  8. Hi,
    I have seen a smallish female tortoiseshell cat in my neighborhood a few times now, and most recently tonight around 11:30 pm on the SW corner of Esplanade and St-Joseph. Right on Esplanade, under a parked car in someone’s driveway, just south of St-Joseph and north of the E_W alleyway. I have also seen her just south of St-Joseph in the N-S alleyway between Esplanade and St-Urbain. She is new in this neighborhood. I feel she may be lost but I am not sure. Short-haired, but I cannot say more, as it was dark. Not feral, she came to sniff my hand. It is a long way for a cat to travel tho, so please don’t get your hopes up. But do check it out. My number is 514-272-7296, cell – 514-466-7296. Pls leave your cell if you want me to call you the next time I see her.

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