1. Any luck?? I live near you, you gave me your flyer while I was walking my dog. I am keeping an eye out for him every day! I hope you find him soon.

    1. Many thanks Lina. We have not found him yet. Thanks for your concern. I will let you know if we find him.

      1. Dear Lisa, this is to let you know that our cat Onyx us back. A lady nearby saw him wandering around her house and looking for food. She wasable to look at his meldal and colle home. My son went to pick him up. Poor cat. He was very skiny and ate la lot when he came home. I have not seen him, because I am away in Europe with my daughter, but I am dying to come back and give him a big hugg. He was lost for 18 days, immagine!!
        Thanks for caring!!

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