1. oui,

      mainenant je vu seulement une chatte tigre gris sur le page du Montreal adoptions: dossier 55741-2
      Pas mon GaIa, malheureusement.

      Est-ce que vous parles de la même chatte ?

    1. Thank you very much for the info Christina,

      I just checked it out on FB but the gray tabby cat has different pattern, only stripes while Gaïa has the bulls eye motive, guess it’s called curls.
      And this cat lived with dogs … Gaïa is more scared of dogs …

      Asked anyways and left a flyer of Gaïa with my message on FB.

      Again thank you very much for keeping your eyes open as I need every hint.

      1. I’m sorry its not her…. I got excited when I saw the photo as she had the same delicate features and eyes. The face looked very similar. Now that I see the markings on the body, I see that Gaia has marble, circular markings.

        1. not problem, Cristina.

          It’s really much appreciated that you gave me the info.
          I prefer to get 20.000 false alarms than missing the one info which I needed to find her.

          Guess most (if not all) owners of missing pets think the same.

  1. Gaïa is still missing.

    The reward is 10.000 CAD (1000 dollar paid immediately when Gaïa is found [Microchip ID verification required] and 9000 dollar payid in installemnts).

    To get in touch with me, please contact the North American Database at 1.877.738.4384
    and give them the number shown in the display of the microchip reader.
    All vets check for a microchip on found pets for free.

    If you have a cat similar to my cat Gaïa since July 2012 or later and wonder if your cat might be my Gaïa, please be assured that I am willing to leave her in your family.
    I just want to know where she is and if she is doing fine. And I like to make sure that she has a place to go in case she needs a new forever home.

    So please, if you have seen a cat similar to my cat Gaïa, please please bring her to a vet to check for an microchip.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Gaïa … mommy is still trying to find you

  3. Il y-a un erreur sur le page Français:

    Alice et Félix sont trouvé.

    Gaïa est tojours perdu.

  4. Update:

    Still trying to find out where Gaïa is.
    Hope she is at a safe place at least.

    To all people who have found a pet.
    Please bring the pet to a veterinarian to check if the pet carries a micro chip. It takes 1 minute and the service is usually for free on found pets.

    If the pet carries a microchip, the owner is just a phone call away because most pets are registered.

    And the more people requseting the service on found pets, the more veterinarians are developing a routine to check each found pet for a microchip to help rehoming.

  5. Update.

    Janine now has a microchip reader. I bought one and lent it to her to help her returning lost cats carrying microchips and in home that it somehow helps to find my precious Gaïa.

    Gaïa, mommy loves you, mommy misses you badly. I so hope that you are doing find and that we have a chance to see each other again.
    Darling, I promise to heaven, all angels and ceiling cat. I WILL NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON YOU.


  6. Update:

    Gaïa is still missing and I am still trying to find her somehow.

    If anyone saw my precious Gaïa, please contact:
    Janine from Lost and found pet network at 438-875-0748 (also updated in the info) or
    my cell phone at 514-710-4571

    I notified the microchip company about the update that Janine from Lost and fount pet network is now the main contacts person because she will take care of Gaïa when she is found until I am back in Quebec.

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