1. I was wondering if after all this time if you have found Poui Poui? I recently found a female cat that looks alot like her. I live on Egan in Verdun near Bannantyne and this beautiful,loving Angel found and adopted ME but unfortunately I already have 4 cats (3 are Foster cats) so I cannot keep her as she doesn’t enjoy the company of the others.Sorry- I am not able to take a pic at this time. 363-6214

    1. Author

      Hi Linda, I’m quite sure she’s not found, as it came up before. Is your found cat declawed too?

  2. I am in the area and there is a SMALL chance I have found your cat. From the pictures above I do not think it’s yours but I would like to be sure. Do you have any other photos that show her belly, throat, paw pads, etc?

    1. Author

      Hi Chris,

      I forwarded your comment and have sent you his reply!

      thanks for checking the site!

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