1. Hi Michel,
    I’ll keep my eye out for him, and since I don’t have pets (usually, except for now since I just found another lost cat) I can take him in and call Edouard if I find him.
    Good luck!

  2. Hi,
    I’ve seen a siamese cat running around this area since mid-summer, off and on. I’m not sure if it’s yours — it’s a male, quite energetic. The last time I saw it was last week (before Dec 16th) running across Prince Arthur on Coloniale.
    I’ll keep an eye out for it and I can take it in if necessary. I lost a cat a few years ago and know how hard it is.

    1. Hello Erin,

      Sounds definitely like ours. He is used to play out daily usually in an alley between bullion and hotel-de-ville.
      He is Tonkinese (half breed siamese/burmese). Male, energetic, extremely curious and affectionate. He has grey eyes, sometimes blue/yellow with lighting. He has tiny bunches of white hair on the forehead. He responds to finger’s snapping, and likes playing with paper balls.
      We are back on Sunday 2nd and have arranged with friends to keep him in case (hopefully) someone finds him, but would equally appreciate if you take him in.
      Thanks vm, truly appreciate your comments.


  3. Hello,

    this is from the owner. just wanted to add another contact.
    Please call Edouard 514 627 4116 after Friday 18th (I have to travel until Jan 2nd)
    Thank you for everything

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