1. Was she tied outside of Maxi at 32nd ave ?? I was once standing outside the mall at 32nd ave and there was a small dog tied up outside (not like yours). A man came outside and started to untie it. I said to hi and told him he shouldn’t leave his dog tied outside..someone may steal it. He looked at me and ran !! I didn’t understand what his problem was. 5 minutes later a woman came out to untie the same dog. You could tell it really was her dog because the dog obviously knew thos woman. I told her what happened and she couln’t believe someone was trying to steal her dog. I go to this mall often with my Mom and there are ALWAYS people leaving their dogs tied outside while they shop. It’s CRAZY. I really hope this wasn’t the case for you but very curious…Was this dog tied outside the mall ???

    1. yup she was tied outside the mall i think i found her on kijiji but the person is not geting back to me

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