1. Hi Jessica,

    I have no clue if you have found your Tootie, Despite the fact that it’s not good looking for her, I still hope she is still alive and “just stolen” …
    As I am still searching for Gaïa, I got the permission from missing pet partnership to leave a message on their page. I also mentioned your story to raise awareness to ask SPCA or a vet clinic to send someone out to check if the dead pet carries a microchip.
    Hope that is OK for you. As I am currently living in Germany (yes I continue searching from Germany) I am hesitant sending you a text message since it might cost you long distance charges.

    Please let me know when you have received my message. Thank you and best of luck for you.



  2. Hello Karen,

    Thank you for leaving me a message here as well as on my cellphone. I don’t understand why my poor dog wasn’t scanned when she was found… I still do not have closure to this day. I am completely heartbroken and I will never know what has happened to my poor Tootie. People don’t understand how much these little creatures take up so much room in our hearts. She was more than just my dog.

    Thank you for sharing the link, I will sign this petition.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I am devastated since I read your add.
    I found it because I am actually searching for lost pets carrying a microchip.
    It is heartbreaking for us responsible pet owners to face the sad truth once our pet gets lost.
    It’s sad that authorities plead pet owners to be responsible just to turn their backs on them once they really need help tracing a lost pet who even carries it’s ID-Card in form of a micro chip.
    A matter of few seconds only to scan any found pet (dead or hopefully alive) for a microchip. Then it takes just few phone calls and the owner is found and knows what happened to his beloved pet.
    However, it’s so easy to say that it’s just an abandoned pet – nobody cares about it. Thus said, they support animal neglect while responsible pet owners are ignored.

    I am hot sure if it helps finding your lost Charlotte back – we only have the faith that our pets may still live somewhere with an other family.
    But I would like to let you know that I made a petition to the Minister of MAPAC to get some changes for responsible pet owners realized.


  4. Thank you Donna for calling me. I really appreciated it!

    I really hope I can find out what happened to her 🙁

  5. I called the owner…really thought the dog at SPCA was Charlotte…not her 🙁

  6. There is a dog similar to yours found on Aug.12th that is staying with the people who found it. Please check on the bottom page of this link http://spcamontrealpf.blogspot.ca/
    Bottom left hand side. Good Luck. I really hope you find your dog or at least get closure. Seems you have done everything that you could do. My heart goes out to you. Please check the link and let us know even if it’s not her.

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