1. Thanks Melanie,
      It’s not her… unfortunatly, and another one just arrive on the 12 of august and it’s not her either, they tell me when i called than they don’t cover the territory of Chambly, but i’m stil looking anyway in case of… still hoping to find her…

      1. Author

        Insist on checking, even if they don’t cover your territory, your cat could still find herself there.

  1. Regardez au refuge AMR:trouve à Brossard,7 aout!il lui ressemble.Bonne chance!

    1. Merci bcp Monique, je viens d’appeller et ce n’est pas elle car Minette a le menton divisé en deux couleurs et celle chez A.M.R est tout noir.. on continue à espérer de la retrouver.

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