1. Another great ending with the wonderful help of Ms.Petluck. PLEASE dont ever stop doing that thing we do and love.
    You are truly appreciated !!!

  2. This boy was returned to his very happy family! His kids were so happy to have him back!
    Thanks for sharing! I saw this and was able to let my neighbors know their dog was okay!

    1. Author

      Fantastic news!! Was he far from home? He’s a beautiful boy, so glad he’s found his family!!

    2. Thank you Lindsay, wow, great ending, and thank you PETLUCK for a tool we so badly needed in Montreal and area!

  3. Folks please be advised that in this area and into eastern Ontario, there has been an significant increase in dog thefts in the past few months. Dogs are stolen, whisked away and “checked out” further down the road for spay scars, tattoos, chips and neutering. If the dog doesn’t suite them for temperament and such, they are literally being discarded on the side of the road across the QC/ ON border or several towns away.

    These dogs are suspected to be stolen for Quebec puppy mills and one suspect is currently being investigated. Please be vigilant! If you are approached by someone offering to “Buy” your dog for a chunk of cash, get a plate # and description of car and driver/passengers and call the police immediately. If you see suspicious vehicles roaming your neighborhood do the same.

    If you find a dog, please contact your local animal control as they are a central contact point for the owner, however broaden your search and use Petluck as this site reaches endless borders. Be sure to keep some pertinent details of your lost or found dog for accurate identification and to avoid these same puppy mills from claiming your pet using your info. Please note that I can be reached as a medium between QC/ON as I work in both provinces along the entire between border autoroute 40 and 20 as animal control and go as far as Brockville , ON with colleagues. Please note that you can also post on Facebook in Petluck as well as more localized in https://www.facebook.com/Foreverdogzandcats and in Ontario Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry (SD & G) counties on https://www.facebook.com/page/SDG-LostFound-Pets/205844929498074

    1. Hi Guylaine, thanks for this post, could you please give us your workplace contact info, and also, I tried the 2nd facebook link you gave, either the page has expired or the address may be wrong, it does not open. This info would be really useful for us, thanks.

        1. Thanks Petluck ! 🙂

  4. Hi, did you contact the local pounds and post pics in the local vet offices? Someone must miss this baby!

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