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  1. Thank you for taking care of this cat, please take him in and if you can get his vet care that he needs. Vaccines and Neutering. There are many vet clinics who can give you a stray fee, also check the spca and they do it for free, there may be a waiting time.

    Once he is inside, all he needs is a spare room where he can be not stressed and get used to people little by little, with visits and talking etc. There is a plug in called FELIWAY search in google, it works great to get abandoned kitties who haven’t had much contact with people and or are afraid because they were abandoned and are going to have a hard time.

    Make posters and flyers once he’s had his vet treatments and put that on the posters that he’s had his treatments and is looking for a forever home and or temporary home. Put the posters with photos at vet clinics and pet stores (where they don’t sell animals) and put in the by your neighbourhood, explain on the poster that he was found and he needs a second chance to a better life and wants a forever home. You will find one. Don’t leave him out as winter will be tough on him.

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