1. Did you ever find your dog? I saw a black lab very thing in a pretty bad shape today in St-Adolphe-d’Howard near Montée des quatre lac. The dog seemed dehydrated and he was so skinny I could see his hip bone.
    I tryed to call the SPCA but they said it wasn’t their territory and I was in my truck working so didn’t have time for anything else. I tried to call the dog and he didn’t even look at me.

    Looks like a dog that’s been on it’s own for a while.

  2. Joël Tremblay

    Entre Mont Laurier et Grand-Remou et le parc hier j’ai vue un Chiens Mort sur la rue et un Chiens noir abandonner,joel tremblay ma dit quil ressemblait au votre,je lui avait envoyer une photo,http://www.facebook.com/#!/1joeltremblay

    1. Author

      Bonjour Poline,

      Svp contacter le propriétaire ASAP, ce sera apprécié!!

  3. Isn’t this the same dog that was found in St.Hubert on the pic above ? They both have the same white patch !! Good Luck !!

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