1. Hello
    Please tell me where you brought him i cant find him
    Answer me please

    1. Author

      Hi Othman,

      I’m so sorry, I’ve emailed twice and my messages are ignored, I don’t have anything other than an email address. I wish I could help you, and more than anything I wish this post had been seen sooner 🙁

  2. Did you get any answer from the poster pls 🙁 they dont have him at berger blanc laval im heading to montreal now

  3. my phone is 5147774209 if you can call me pls just for the code pls

    1. Author

      I have just emailed the poster to ask, but it has been awhile…

  4. hi this is my dog pls tell me you have a code that they gaved you at berger blanc pls im deseperate for fidding him his name is marley pls let me know asap im calling berger blanc now

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