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  1. Thank you so much for taking him in and helping him. I to have four cats and do rescues from time to time. I just want to suggest a few things for you so you can find a temporary and or forever home for him. First get this kitty inside, if you have a spare room in your house so that he is away from the cold and remind you there is a huge storm coming tomorrow. Get him neutered and treated for worms and fleas. Then make posters with photo and flyers and put them around your neighbourhood in peoples mailboxes and expelling how this kitty was rescued and is now neutered and has his treatments but because you have three cats already you cannot keep him. Say looking for temporary and or foever home so say you find someone who said they can foster him until you find him a forever home, provide them with litter and some food if they need the help, so that they don’t feel your dumping the cat on them and that you are taking responsibility in finding the cat a home. Give him a name so that in the poster they can get attached right away. Like Tuxedo for instance… Also make a note on your Facebook so that your contacts can see and share. Its easier to find a cat a home once they are neutered and have been treated for parasites. If you find a forever home, get them to help you with 50 or donation so that its not about giving the cat away, it give them a sense of responsibility.. Put posters at vet clinics and pet stores (that don’t sell animals)

    Some vets have a stray fee for people who rescue, just need to shop around for that. If you are willing to wait, the SPCA in Montreal does it for free. There is also
    http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/QC09.html Refuge St-Hyacinthe, call and make an appointment and their prices are super reasonable like 30 bucks i think.. But with this is a waiting list. But it’s worth it..

    I just want you know to know you’re not alone, i just rescued one this weekend and is in a room and i’m doing just the same.
    Thanks for being an angel.

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