I received an email today that I thought I should share. To lose a pet is already distressing, so to find that it’s been a victim of violence is unimaginable. If you’re from this area, or know anyone who resides there, I think it’s important not only that you keep an eye on your pets, but that the person responsible for the crime be caught. This is the notice, translated from French :

We are the Canine Center of St. Barthelemy, and are acting as temporary Animal Control for the city of St-Barthélemy. This weekend, we had a case of animal cruelty and I think it is important to expose this situation. The dog a male Mastiff cross, was shot on the Bel-Autumn street in St-Barthélemy. The dog’s owner had notified the municipality of his disappearance, and we were looking for him. The dog was found wounded in a ditch at the height of address 1700. The person who enacted this crime, did not bother to finish the deed. Quite the contrary, it had been dumped by tractor near the home of its owners. A nice message from the barbarian who lives in our community. I think it is important that people who live on this street be advised to protect their dogs against the person who could act again. So if you are a citizen of St-Barthélemy, pass this message. This could be your dog, my dog. The law prohibits the use of firearms in this manner. If you have any information on this crime, it would be important to contact us at 450-885-3587 and ask for Rene or Julie, we’ll put you in contact with the detective from la Sureté du Québec, who is investigating this issue. As for the dog, it has been seen by a veterinarian. We wish him a speedy recovery. And please, give this message to as many people as possible.

original source : http://elevagecanin-st-barthelemy.com/pages/controleur-canin.php