1. What an awesome ending! How far was she? I am so happy for the owners 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’m so amazed that she is back after 4 months! She was found just one block away from where she went missing. The woman who found her noticed a cat hanging around who looked like a stray, she lured her in with food and checked the petluck blog since she remembered seeing a link to a missing grey cat on a flyer I posted around the neighborhood.

      Since printed pictures aren’t always the best quality and often get wet from the rain, I recommend putting a link to a web site on flyers/posters where people can check more accurate photos of missing pets.

      Happy to be reunited! 🙂

      1. Author

        Ahh, That explains why your post was particularly getting tips from your neighbourhood! Smart!

  2. Sorry, Ashley, this does not appear to be the same cat, but if anyone else is missing theirs, there is a sweet beige with ocelot like markings who came into my apartment on Grand, (between Somerled and Terrebonne) this afternoon. She looks female, small and slender, friendly enough, although my black cat took to her well, my ginger female became quite upset. I had to stop my dog from giving chase, as well.

    Called the NDG Animal Clinic about this one, and had to let her out, (leaving food and water outside) as my landlord is already not happy with my crew, due to an obnoxious neighbour lying about their behaviour.

  3. ok ,so i saw your latest pic and as much as i don’t want to say that it’s definitely her, i think it might be a good idea to check out that corner. basically its the south east corner of melrose and sherbrooke. there’s an apt building there with a middle eastern fish store on the corner. there is some space behind which is near where i saw this cat. i have heard of a technique whereby you leave a box with a blanket with the familiar smell of your home in it. then you check to see it from time to time.

    1. Ok great, will give it a try.

  4. i realize that it’s been a long time and that you may have found her by now, but does she have distinctly white fur on the inside of her ears. i saw a small cat this morning similar to ellie with white fur on the inside of her ears.
    sherbrooke and melrose.

    1. It’s hard to say if the fur on the inside of her ears is distinctly whiter than the rest of her body, but it may be her. If you think the cat you saw resembles the ones in my photos there is a good chance because Melrose/Sherbrooke is very close to where she went missing. If you ever see her again and are able to lure her in somewhere with food (garage, house, cage) please give me a call: 514-303-5726.
      Thank you!!

    1. It does look a lot like her, but is unfortunately not 🙁
      Thanks anyways.

  5. Anyone have recommendations on how far I should put up posters? (How large of an area I should cover-reasonably) I have ads up on craigslist and this web site & have passed signs to neighbors and vet clinics in the area.

    My address is: 5652 Sherbrooke Ouest.

    1. A cat could easely do 2 kilometers… But not if she’s injured (she would hide then). When I lost my cat, I went to post Canada and paid for a distribution of my cat poster in the mailbox. It helped!

      1. I guess if she’s injured, she must be hiding somehwere “very” close.
        You must continue looking for her around home, call her and listen very carefully for any response from her. Do not forget to take her best treats with you.

        1. OK Thanks! Today is 1 week that she is missing 🙁

          1. Author

            Just to encourage you a bit. I once lost a cat the same way, and found her after about 10 days. She was staying in someone’s garden, down the nearest alley. Offering a reward had people looking, and that’s what got her back! She was very, very young at the time. Fingers crossed that she’ll show up soon!

          2. Thanks for the encouragement! I just brought flyers around to every single person on my street. I am convinced she is hiding not far. This is a great blog btw and I have been recommending it everywhere, the SPCA now suggests it when they make their routine phone calls after you file a report about a missing pet. I hope this is one case that will be in the “Happy Endings” section verrry soon!

            1. Author

              The flyers are going to help a lot, it’s good that you got them out before the weekend! That was key to a lot of the happy endings on Petluck!

              Thanks too for recommending the blog, I had no idea that people at the SPCA were suggesting it now, so that is really great news! I wish for your happy ending for Ellie really soon too!

  6. And what if she didn’t jump ? Maybe she could be on the roof…

    Or if she jumped, she might be hurt so you’ll have to check at the Berger Blanc each three days and at the SPCA too. People would call those places if they see an hurt animal.

    Good luck!

    1. I checked the roof and the entire building with my landlord. I was looking at my fire escape yesterday and realized that she either jumped that 12 ft jump, or fell directly from our window which must be over 20 ft. I actually got a phone call yesterday from a girl who thinks she saw her. She said the cat she saw had a neck injury 🙁
      I’m not sure if it was her or not but she DID see her near my street so it very may well be her! I called the Berger Blanc and can’t seem to speak to anyone. On their web site it says that they don’t cover NDG as a district. Let me know if you know any more info about them, it’s the first time I hear about them. As for the SPCA, I called and they referenced me to their blog where they update photos of newly arrived missing animals. If you have any more suggestions, please let me know. THANKS!!

      1. Hi Ashley,

        Please do not only call the Berger Blanc. You have to go check there! When I lost my cat, I went there for three months each three days (I did’nt have a car and it’s quite far). I found my cat there after 3 months! There was cats with medals but they did’nt call the owners! They just make money with the cats they found.

        Good luck from all my heart!

  7. Hi,

    Since she’s an indoor cat she must be around home. Check everywhere, sheds, gardens, cars etc…ask all your neighbors. look for her when streets are calm and put her litter outside, the smell might show her the way back home.
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the tips. I am open to trying anything at this point!
      This is the situation: She jumped off of our fire escape, it is at least 12 feet high so she can’t jump back up to get home on her own. I will have to find her on my own. The only thing is that she is extremely timid and if anyone approaches her she will definitely run away. I am certain that wherever she is, it is somewhere dark and small where she knows she will not be seen. She doesn’t respond to her name either. I sprinkled her litter all around my building and put out food and even left her cat cage in a nearby alley with one of my sweaters inside. If you have any more suggestions I am all ears. Thanks again!

      1. Author

        Hi Ashley,

        What you’re doing is really good. A couple of other tricks, flashlights will illuminate eyes at night, and trying to coax her out when it’s really quiet is a good idea if she’s really timid. Even if she doesn’t respond to her name, she’ll respond to your voice. She’ll be hyper aware of all the strange sounds that we’re so used to, so late nights and early morning will be a good time to check for her. And even if she’s timid someone might spot her, so posters are still a good idea.

  8. Also she is fixed and has her claws.

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