1. This kitten is very young, approx 10 to 12 weeks old. She is teething.
    Hope you find your cat soon

  2. Hello:
    It seems to be a female cat, but not certain.
    It is definitely a kitten, not a grown up cat.
    How old is your lost cat?

    1. Hello. Thank you for your reply. She is about 18 months, but she is tiny – real lady. What colour of eyes yours has? Mine has greenish-grey eyes and yours on photo has very dark.

  3. Hi. Is it a male or a female? We lost a female cat in Lasalle. She is very similar to a cat you found. Could you inform me is it a male or female?
    Best regards, Iurii. http://petluck.ca/41338 – here is the link to my announce.

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