1. The cat was finally trapped and sterilized. He is well looked after with shelter and food.

  2. Hi, this look extremely like my neighbors cat she live on the 4th avenue (Lachine). where was she found ?

    1. The cat has been roaming the neighborhood for since last Spring. He/she is in Western Lachine.

    2. Nathalie, this cat is a male.

  3. This cat is still roaming the neighborhood and several people are feeding him.

  4. hi I lost my cat almost 6 weeks ago ran out of the house on 48th av in Lachine , her name is Carmella a tabby cat wit white under chin shes about 7 yrs old small cat , we live at 884 48th av Lachine a house 514 637-6965 ask for larry or Barbara , you say your feeding it inside or out? thks 4 your help , ps its a grl and she has no front claws or coller

    1. Yes, I saw your poster a while ago and went to look for it on Provost and 48th when I saw this cat but the poster was gone. I am guessing the cat is a female because she is not very big. She has white under her chin and white font paws. I will call you tomorrow.
      I sent Petluck some pictures to add to this post.

      1. She is being fed!

        1. Spoke with owners of Carmella ( above), unfortunately it was not their cat:(

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