1. thanks everybody my wife cryed with joy…..molly home safe and sound with her mother and sister…shicka was so depressed…(my other dog),,,,,you guys will recieve a donation from me soon to see my wife so happy you made my mine and my wifes world ……sincery richardand annie from ville emard…montreal…..

    1. Author

      I’m thrilled to hear that things turned out ! Welcome home Molly, it’s great to hear everyone is reunited! 🙂

  2. Elle s’appele Molly! pouvez-vous nous appeler au 514-766-5529! je suis tellement content!! on l’a cherche depuis longtemps!! j’essai de vous envoyer un message electronique mais ca ne fonctionne pas… donc pouvez vous m’appeler s’il vous plait!!!

    1. Author

      Je suis vraiment contente pour vous Richard!

      1. yes hello iwant to know where is my dog the people who are holding my dog are charging me $10 a day …..excuse me i dont have the money ….so i want my dog their are arragements with the police…..

  3. oui cest ma chienne elle etait disparu

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