1. Hi,
    I’was wondering if you can be interest to take care of the cat I foud 2mounts ago. I’ve lost any hope to find her family and she looks like yours.
    Here is the link
    She is really a good cat and the veterinary said she is around 1-2 years.
    Send me an email for more information if you want.


  2. For her name, I can’t say but for sure she is neutred.
    Veterinar said she must be 1-2 years old.

    Good luck Pascal for your cat

  3. i lost my similar cat on iberville and fleury, i do not know south-west, maybe it is near, my cat answers to ”Cleo” she licks the fingers then bite a little, she climbs on people’s backs, with claws and not neutered, is your cat doing the same, thank you, good day, peace

    1. Author

      I passed on your message. If your cat isn’t posted, you’re welcome to send in her information to post. Thanks!

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