1. Hi again
    I just looked at the map and we live about five blocks apart. Is it possible that he is home and just out and about? Let me know because if he is not home the chances are great that this is your cat. 438-876-5677

  2. Have you found your cat yet?

    The black cat in the Notre Dame de Graces/ Rue Front area is still around day and night. Very beautiful, thick tail (not bushy) the rest of him is short fur, quite a striking cat, not small. We are farely close to where yours got lost.
    I saw this black cat hunting today in a field. If he had a home why see him day and night.
    Please reply and let me know. If you have not found him you will need a phone # to reach me.
    There is a lady in the area that gives one meal a day to stray cats, but that is all, there is no shelter. He may get a meal there but maybe not.
    This is a very elusive cat. As long as he gets food around here he may stay but the cold weather will drive him somewhere else.

      1. Hello Petluck, As you can see I am having a lot of trouble with the postings. One minute there are only 3 replies so I re wright and post again and then there are 8. Sorry about that, but it isn’t making much sense that now you see them, then you don’t, then you do again. Also I tried to open the envelope with direct address and it is encrypted and can’t get info. When I looked at the download of it it was empty. Don’t know what to do now unless you can email it to me. Thanks: Cathy

        1. Author

          I’m really not sure why your comments would disappear and reappear, unless there’s a cached version of the page or a window left open. I thought you might have subscribed to the post in which case you would have received my comment with the email unencrypted. I will message you.

  3. There is still a black cat in the Notre Dame de Graces and rue Front in Longueuil. He is short hair with a bit of a bushy tail. He is looking a little worse for wear now Does your friend’s cat have a bushy tail? He comes around for food between 6PM and late into the night. I will try to get a Picture but if you think it may be the one you are looking for you might want to canvas the area. Good luck

  4. Have seen a young black cat in the area of Notre Dame De Graces and Rue Front since some time in July. Never close up always from a distance. Never seen before that. It may be worth looking in this area for a while to see if it is yours. This cat is not hiding but gets around quickly.

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