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2 Comments on "Tortoiseshell cat found in the Plateau"

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Hi Camille,

This is her! A woman, Nathalie, I met in a petshop on Mount-Royal, talked to me about her, we went to see her in the parc, and since she seemed really tired I took her home. I take care of her; me and the other Nathalie are gonna take her to a vet to see if she’s OK, and if she has been abandoned we’re gonna try to find her a new home. I can’t either adopt her, I still have 3 cats, but she’s adorable, really,
Have a good day,


Is it the same as this one? http://petluck.ca/43278 I saw that same cat a couple of days ago there too (june 30th) I believe, and it trully is the nicest cat. It jumped on my laps right away. At first I was gonna take her home because I believed she was declawed, which I thought was odd for an outdoor cat, specially since the next day was july 1st and we all know how many people abandon their pets on that day. But once I got the cat in the cage (which was easier than with my own cat! ^_^)… Read more »