1. Hi Camille,

    This is her! A woman, Nathalie, I met in a petshop on Mount-Royal, talked to me about her, we went to see her in the parc, and since she seemed really tired I took her home. I take care of her; me and the other Nathalie are gonna take her to a vet to see if she’s OK, and if she has been abandoned we’re gonna try to find her a new home. I can’t either adopt her, I still have 3 cats, but she’s adorable, really,
    Have a good day,


  2. Is it the same as this one?
    I saw that same cat a couple of days ago there too (june 30th) I believe, and it trully is the nicest cat. It jumped on my laps right away. At first I was gonna take her home because I believed she was declawed, which I thought was odd for an outdoor cat, specially since the next day was july 1st and we all know how many people abandon their pets on that day. But once I got the cat in the cage (which was easier than with my own cat! ^_^) I realized she still had her claws because she was fighting so hard to get out of the cage. So Ithought, that since she still had them maybe she belonged to someone and decided to leave her there… I returned to the park a couple of times to see if she was still there and ok, but I couldn’t find her, I’m so glad someone is taking care of the little thing! ^_^

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