1. My daughter is home now and we’ve had to crush her heart with the news of Kiki’s bad luck of having to fall in the hands of the SPCA.

    Nicholas Gilman epitomizes the arrogant corporate culture of the SPCA. Indeed no bird should ever be so unlucky as to fall into the hands of the SPCA. As it stands, it is clear that they will efficiently and without hesitation euthanize a valueless little bird.

    I received a phone call from a wonderful lady that works at tEscher-Grad on Ferrier Street saw Kiki flying high and mighty strong inside the huge facility last week on August 6th. She emailed me that he seemed very strong and was not the worst for wear at all.

    When we brought Kiki home to bury him we had a very good look at him. His feathers were beautiful. Nothing was broken. He looked like the bird that had flown away two weeks ago. healthy, beautiful and strong.

    People who find our pet birds, should not bring them to the SPCA! Instead they should call one of the many wonderful bird organizations available in our community!

    I will be sending a check to Le Nichoir for Christmas.

    Thank you.

    1. My heart goes out to your daughter. It’s painful enough to have to say goodbye to a beloved bird and family member, but under these circumstances, I can’t imagine what she must be going through.

      If there’s an afterlife, and I believe that there is, may Nicholas Gilman have to answer to Kiki and who knows how many other ‘valueless little birds’ he’s euthanized.

      It remarkable that the lady spotted Kiki, and noted that he seemed to be in excellent shape; I’m not at all surprised. He was obviously cherished and extremely well-taken care of.

      I believe it that Kiki was in fine form when you put him to rest, and that makes the situation all the more maddening and heartbreaking. It’s a shame that more people could not either keep any found, wayward birds at their own homes, or failing that, bring the bird(s) to an avian vets, or even to Le Nichoir. That way, at least the bird(s) would have a chance!

      Bless your heart for sending a donation to Le Nichoir. Dave and I have done this for many years in lieu of buying Christmas gifts for each other.

      I’m on Facebook if you’d like to ‘friend’ me. https://www.facebook.com/eva.puchalski

      Perhaps we should start a petition about Kiki’s ordeal…


  2. Thank you so much for your kind words. The SPCA needs to be held accountable for their mistake, something that they have not done up until today. The arrogant General Manager at the SPCA needs to acknowledge that they made a mistake and that procedures have been adjusted to ensure that every effort is made to find the owners of these lost beautiful birds so that this situation never reproduces itself again!! Today the SPCA is nothing more that a production facility that processes our precious sick and lost pets in the most economically efficient way! Within 5 minutes after I was informed that Kiki had been euthanized I was informed that it would have cost 900$ to treat Kiki and the SPCA just didn’t have the budget for that! That’s the bottom line!

    1. I agree with everything you wrote.

      I emailed the SPCA with a complaint about what happened to your Kiki, and among other things, I mentioned that should Nicholas Gilman appear at our door in the future dehydrated and suffering from a loss of body weight/mass, he’d better not look to me for a sip of water.

      I did read about the $900.00 cost to treat your Kiki; this is beyond ludicrous. Unbelievable.

      I posted the article about your Kiki on my Facebook and Twitter pages, along with the Montreal SPCA’s email address; Dave and I were so upset about what happened.

      We have a cockatiel as well as a lovebird and three budgies, and have been pet and wild bird lovers for years. It seems to be that those at the Montreal SPCA don’t regard birds as being as worthy as some of the other species that they ‘rescue’, such as cats and dogs, and it isn’t fair at all.

      From now on, Le Nichoir (wild bird rescue/rehabilitation center in Hudson, QC) will receive a larger donation annually.

      Take care…

  3. Please accept our sincere condolences over the untimely and most unfortunate passing of your beloved Kiki.

    We used to donate a small sum to Montreal’s SPCA just before the holidays in December, but after we learned about what happened to your Kiki, we will no
    longer be sending them one penny. We will email the Montreal SPCA to let them know why they are being cut off.

    Our hearts go out to you and your family.

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