1. Crap …That should be automatic, it would save you and us lots of efforts. I’m sure you already thought about that and it’s probably not technically possible? Anyway, it is too late to call them tonight so i’ll try to find some time tomorrow. Cheers!

        1. Author

          It would be awesome if it was automatic, but not possible that I can see. Still, at least the option is there, so it’s a start! I’ll send a note tonight, and maybe she or Phil will sign on too!

          1. Hopefully they will, and so will all the people with ads up! Thanks for sending a note, much appreciated.

    1. Hi everyone, I have just seen your comments as I was out of the country for one week. I cannot see the cat you are talking about on the spca site anymore, is there any way to check their archives or has anyone got any news.
      P.S. Blacky i my friend Philippe’s cat, i don’t have his email adress handy but it would probably be easier to reach him on the phone number on the picture.
      Although I still want you to comment so that i can help.


    2. Hi everyone, I’ve been out of the country for one week so I just saw your posts. Any news, I can’t see the cat your talking about on the spca blog anymore.


      1. Author

        HI Elviana,

        The cat isn’t listed on the page anymore, but you could call SPCA to follow up with the id number and get any details.

        1. Hi again, I just spoke to Philippe, he checked with them, it’s not him, it was a female.

          Thanks again.

    1. Author

      I hope so too! Thanks again. There are a few tuxedos there at the moment!

      1. It’s not him, none of them on the SPCA site are 🙁

        1. oh crap… i was so optimistic, i thought the markings were bang on for the one i pointed out! Except maybe for the black mark on the chin, but sometimes it’s just a question of angle. Good luck to you both!

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