1. Are you living near Sanctuaire I know one of my Neighbors lost her white cat within the last month.

    Also my cat ran away on Oct 1 he is black and white you can see him on this website Kitty

  2. If you can, have the adults neutered as soon as possible!

  3. A copy or a reference to these instructions should be welcome on this site. It could save hundreds or thousands of poor little cats; even though Québec’s winter isn’t absolutely fatal to domestic cats. I fed a female for more than a year before she finally decided to get inside (she must have been treated very bad by humans since she was not social at all). Beside being a bit stupid (her brain may have frozen a bit), she is very healthy and even had two babies (probably the reason why she finally got inside).

    1. Author

      Thanks very much Paul! I do have links to those sites on my tips and links page, and I re-share from time to time during the cold season!

      Also these cats will need more than housing, or they will quickly reproduce to a really unmanageable number.

  4. You can find instruction on the web to build a winter cat shelter for almost nothing using two cheap plastic storage tote and some styrofoam or newspaper.

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