1. Thank you or what you did. It’s a hard story but at least somebody gave him a decent end.


  2. An update on this roadside cat. I too drove past it every single day this week (it had been there since Monday, at least). This morning, the cat was still there. Frankly, I found it a little bit absurd that a dead animal could lie on the shoulder of the road for nearly 5 days without anyone from Transport Quebec or the city of Montreal taking action. The cat was in a pretty advanced state of decomposition, but it was lean, dark grey, and had no collar. At any rate, I returned after work and removed the cat myself and buried it in the woods near my house.

    1. Author

      That was really thoughtful of you to look after it in the end. Thanks for the update too, I feel a bit better knowing it had been shown some decency.

  3. My missing cat isn’t really charcoal but she is grey. I’m not sure if you were able to get a good look at the deceased cat but if you think that it resembles my cat:
    please let me know.
    Thank you.

    1. Author

      Ashley, I’m so sorry Ellie is still missing, but I’m sure this couldn’t be yours by the sounds of it.

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