1. Fortunately or unfortunately we will only find out with time. Bobby was placed without my consent and behind my back really. A few people are quite upset. Our good nature was taken advantage of and we were purposely kept out of the process and told that no contract would be signed. Said they needed him for vet care and actually used it as a chance to get the cat. Very sneaky and very sad. Only time will tell if he will be ok and lessons learnt on people’s intentions. Live and learn. I have a bad feeling about it all. The people that did it never ever let the cat into their home.

  2. This guy needs a home. He is now dewormed and has tested negative for FIV. He is a very sweet cat and is safe to be with others now that the vet work is getting done and he is negative for FIV.

  3. He seems to not be afraid of dogs. I come by with my 3 dogs and he does not run away. He is very sweet and he’s got a great big boy face. I also have the cutest little kittens up for adoption. 9 weeks old now ready to be met.

    1. Author

      He has the handsomest face Loulou, and looks really gentle. If I didn’t have my 3 I’d scoop him up in a heartbeat!

      1. Well I have feeling someone will have to scoop him up. But they will get a good deal. I need to place the kittens and find people to take care of my dogs for 2 weeks. I may bring them with me and put them in a crateless boarding place but it costs soooo much. I need money for all the vet work besides Solo.

        Wish me luckkkkkkkk

      1. Nope not the same markings. I really checked all the cats on petluck and looked on all the sites I could and posted ads in different places. Little bugger, he is really a nice cat.

  4. Vous voulez peut-être dire qu’il ”boite” ? (boit=he drinks) (boite=difficulty to walk)

    amicalement, et merci pour votre fantastique travail,


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