1. Obviously not the owner! Her dog is 11- 12 years old and this one is 2-3 years old.

  2. Annie, you might want to please unblock me and add me back to facebook. Ville Emard is my neck of the woods and have many people involved in rescuing that have come together here. I also have been working more with Sophie since she s block away. Whatever issues you have with me either talk to me about it or put them in the past. This is for the animals. I can definitely help in getting this dog back home.

  3. svp cest mon chien pitier au mon dieux urgent je vivais a lasalle rappelle moi vite jen pleure son nom est touti 819-346-9648

  4. C Mon chien Svp et ma soeur marianne 819 6790874 ou 15146374699 Nicole et Jacques

    1. Author

      Il faut appeler le numéro sur le poste, (514) 254-4926, merci!

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