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  1. Please check the Berger Blanc right away and every two days, sadly Rosemont is still under the Berger Blanc.. Also makes posters and flyers right away, with color photo and description of where he went missing, streets, nearing streets etc. Ask people on the flyer to look in their garage, under porches etc. Also add Reward/Recompense in big, do not add the amount, that is up to you what to give to the person who finds him. Most kids will see that and will look hard. Talk to your neighbors on your street, your side and across and don’t be afraid to knock at their. The flyers put them in every mailbox, this worked for us when our cat went missing. Because most people who don’t have cats or dogs don’t bother looking at posters so when they see a flyer in their mailbox they take the time to look.

    Good luck and don’t give up you will find him.

    Also look very late at night in the alleys, under porches, with flashlight, and snacks, or very early in the morning when it’s quiet.

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